DM Board Elections 2023-2027

24 April 2023

It’s election time here at Digital Medievalist and we are excited to announce that there are FOUR places up for grabs on the Digital Medievalist Executive Board! Interested in helping to shape the direction of the organisation? Want to be a part of planning Digital Medievalist’s events and running its peer-reviewed, open access journal? Well, now’s your chance.

Or perhaps you know just the person to join our team? Either way, it’s very easy: in order to nominate a friend or colleague — or even nominate yourself — simply send an email with a name and email address to:

And we’ll do the rest!

The small print: of course, the reason that you want to get involved is so that you can help guide the direction of Digital Medievalist, and so you will need to commit a little bit of time to working with us. Imagine a one hour Zoom meeting once a month, plus additional Zoom meetings if you take on further responsibilities (e.g. editorial work on the journal). It’s a four year commitment, but we’re sure that you’ll find it very worthwhile. We certainly have found it to be so!

Nominations are open from Monday 24th April until Sunday 14th May

After nominations have closed, we will contact the candidates to ask them for a short bio along with a brief statement of interest. And then voting will commence! But that’s for the future: right now, get nominating!

For further information about the Executive and Digital Medievalist, please see our website: