Digital Medieval Webinar Repository

The Digital Medievalist has recently created a curated Zenodo community, called the Digital Medieval Webinar Repository (DMWR) to house recorded presentations on medieval topics, especially those that include digital work. As we launch this initiative, we hope to demonstrate the power of Zenodo for scholars and for hosting organizations.

Uploading and providing recorded talks is very easy to do. For conference organizers or institutions, contributions can be tagged with the name of the conference or organization for easy discovery and recall to any event. Individual scholars are also welcome to catalogue their recordings in the DMWR.

When scholars post in the DMWR community, they are following the best practices for digital preservation that encourage storing materials in multiple locales. Moreover, the retrieval and citation of a scholar’s work is facilitated by the generation of a DOI and standard citation of the recorded presentation, and other members of the community can see, access, and search for their work within the curated collection. The DMWR program is a win-win; the community benefits by having a central location where materials of interest to medievalists are stored, and scholars can feel confident that others can find, access, and cite their recorded work appropriately.

Cataloguing a recording is a simple affair, and once the materials are gathered, it should take no longer than 10 minutes. Each contribution requires three things:

1. An MP4 file of the recording;
2. A transcript of the presentation in pdf format (automatically generated in youtube, for example);
3. All standard bibliographic information to generate the citation and tag the recording.

Have a look at our latest entries

Bern, Burgerbibliothek, MS 207, fol. 1v