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elow is a list of recent and upcoming conferences, colloquia, workshops and courses relevant to (digital) Medieval Studies. Do you know of a conference that isn’t already in this list? Please send us the details and we’ll add it!


January 2017

Date Event Type Place URL
24 The educational and social impact of Digital Scholarly Edition DiXit Workshop Rome, Italy
25 3rd EADH Day (European Association for the Digital Humanities) Symposium Rome, Italy
26-28 The Reverse Telescope: Big Data and Distant Reading in the Humanities Conference AIUCD 2017 Rome, Italy

February 2017

Date Event Type Place URL
2-3 Parchment, Paper and Pixels: Medieval Writing and Modern Technology Conference Maastricht, Netherlands
9 CLIN 25th Anniversary meeting Conference Leuven, Belgium
10 Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands (CLIN27) Conference (27th meeting CLIN) Leuven, Belgium

March 2017

Date Event Type Place URL
10 Numériser et valoriser les manuscrits grecs de l’Institut français des études byzantines Workshop Paris, France
15-17 Building a common model for semantic interoperability in the digital poetry ecosystems Workshop Madrid, Spain
16-17 Global Digital Humanities Symposium Symposium Michigan State University, USA (East Lansing, MI)

April 2017

Date Event Type Place URL
3-7 Digital editing of papyrological and epigraphic texts EpiDoc Training workshop London, UK (Institute of Classical Studies) Mail to: gabriel.bodard(AT)sas(DOT)ac(DOT)uk
12-13 CO:OPyright. Challenges and Practices of Copyright and Licensing of Digital Cultural Heritage Conference Graz, Austria
20 The annual Day of Digital Humanities Online event
24 “How To Make Digital Editions of Chaucer and Everyone Else” Lecture by Peter Robinson (University of Saskatchewan) Antwerp (Belgium)
26-27 Manuscript IDs – Identifiants des manuscrits Conference Paris (IRHT)

May 2017

Date Event Type Place URL
11-14 International Congress on Medieval Studies Congress Kalamazoo, USA (MI)
23-25 Initial Training Network (ITN) on Digital Cultural Heritage (DCH): Final Conference on Digital Heritage Conference Olimje, Slovenia
29 Semantic Web for Scientific Heritage (SW4SH) 2017 Workshop Portorož, Slovenia

June 2017

Date Event Type Place URL
1-2 DATeCH 2017 International Conference (Digital Access to Textual Cultural Heritage) Conference Göttingen, Germany
12-16 Le livre médiéval au regard des méthodes quantitatives Summer school Paris, France
19-21 Fifth Annual Symposium on Medieval and Renaissance Studies Symposium Saint Louis, USA (MO)
22-24 Women’s Literary Culture & The Medieval Canon Conference Bergen, Norway
26-30 Digital Editing/Digital Humanities Summer school Grenoble, France
30-2 July 2017 The Normans in the South: Mediterranean Meetings in the Central Middle Ages
Conference University of Oxford, UK

July 2017

Date Event Type Place URL
3-5 Digital Humanities Benelux Conference 2017 International conference Utrecht, Netherlands
3-6 International Medieval Congress 2017 Congress Leeds, UK
10-29 Make YOUR edition: models and methods of digital textual scholarship Workshop NEH Institute for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities University of Pittsburgh, USA (Oakland campus) Mail to: djbpitt+neh(AT)pitt(DOT)edu
31-4 August Launch of FORCE11 (Future of Research Communications and E-Scholarship) Event La Jolla, USA (Univ. of California, San Diego)

August 2017

Date Event Type Place URL
8-11 Digital Humanities 2017 Annual conference of the international Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) Montréal, Canada

September 2017

Date Event Type Place URL
13-16 Monasteries in the digital humanities Conference Kraków-Tyniec, Poland Mail to: derwich(AT)gmail(DOT)com
22-24 III JORNADAS ANDALUZAS DE INFORMÁTICA (JAI 2017) Conference Málaga, Spain

October 2017

Date Event Type Place URL
5-6 Resources and Tools for Derivational Morphology (DeriMo2017) Workshop Milan, Italy