Conferences – 2018

Medieval letter B

elow is a list of recent and upcoming conferences, colloquia, workshops and courses relevant to (digital) Medieval Studies. Do you know of a conference that isn’t already in this list? Please send us the details and we’ll add it!

From 2018 onwards, we also display the names of the DM board members who will attend events as representatives of our DM community. Do feel free to contact them, extend your network and elaborate new plans in collaboration with us!


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January 2018

Date Event Type Place URL DM attendance
4-7 132nd Annual meeting of the American Historical Association Event Washington, DC G. Vogeler
25-26 Corpus-based Research in the Humanities Conference Vienna, Austria
31-Feb. 2 2018 Italian Conference of Digital Humanities Conference Bari, Italy G. Franzini

February 2018

Date Event Type Place URL DM attendance
5 Roxanne Wyns: International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF). Sharing High Resolution Images Across Institutional Boundaries Platform DH Lecture Leuven, Belgium M. Kestemont
8 Create Impact with Your e-Humanities and e-Heritage Research PARTHENOS webinar Potsdam, Germany
13 How to Work Together Successfully with e-Humanities and e-Heritage Research Infrastructures: The Devil is in the Details PARTHENOS webinar Potsdam, Germany
16-17 Stand und Perspektiven der Historischen Grundwissenschaften Workshop München, Germany G. Vogeler
22 e-Humanities and e-Heritage Research Infrastructures: Beyond Tools (General Introduction) PARTHENOS webinar Potsdam, Germany
26-March 2 Kritik der digitalen Vernunft / Critique of digital reason Conference Cologne, Germany F. Fischer, M. Kestemont, G. Franzini, G. Vogeler

March 2018

Date Event Type Place URL DM attendance
1-3 93rd annual meeting of the Medieval Academy of America Event Atlanta, Georgia L. Fagin Davis
7-9 Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries (DHN 2018) Conference Helsinki, Finland
13-16 9th International Conference on Society and Information Technologies (ICSIT 2018) Conference Orlando (FL)
16 Des corpus pour l’histoire à l’âge du numérique. Éditions électroniques d’actes royaux et princiers (Moyen Âge-première modernité) Workshop Paris, France G. Vogeler, E. De Paermentier
16 Automatic text reuse detection with TRACER Workshop by Greta Franzini Antwerp, Belgium M. Kestemont, G. Franzini
21-23 Research Data Alliance (RDA) Eleventh Plenary Meeting Meeting event Berlin, Germany A. Campagnolo
22-23 Global Digital Humanities Symposium Symposium Michigan (State University)

April 2018

Date Event Type Place URL DM attendance
4-6 Equip & Engage: Research and Dissemination Infrastructures for the Humanities 2018 ECHIC Conference Leuven, Belgium
5 Make It Happen – Carrying Out Research and Analysing Data PARTHENOS webinar Potsdam, Germany
6-7 Digital Matters in Medieval and Renaissance Studies Symposium Durham (NC)
11-13 Care and Conservation of Manuscripts 17 Seminar Copenhagen, Denmark A. Campagnolo
23 International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF). Sharing High Resolution Images Across Institutional Boundaries Lecture by Roxanne Wyns Leuven, Belgium Mike Kestemont
24 Boost Your eHumanities and eHeritage Research with Research Infrastructures PARTHENOS webinar Potsdam, Germany

May 2018

Date Event Type Place URL DM attendance
7-8 Humanités numériques: de nouveaux outils pour le médiéviste Workshop Namur, Belgium
7-10 Manuscript Cataloguing in a Comparative Perspective: State of the Art, Common Challenges, Future Directions Conference Hamburg, Germany A. Campagnolo
10-13 International Congress on Medieval Studies Congress Kalamazoo (MI) L. Fagin Davis
14 Towards a Research Agenda for Data-driven Approaches to Literary Periods platform{DH} Lecture by Christof Schöch (University of Trier) Antwerp, Belgium Mike Kestemont
21-25 2018 IIIF Conference Conference Washington, DC A. Campagnolo
28-2 June École D’été Édition Numérique et Humanités Numériques (EDEEN) Summer school Grenoble, France
29 Reconnaissance par ordinateur des écritures anciennes: le projet HIMANIS Workshop Paris

June 2018

Date Event Type Place URL DM attendance
1 Omission Conference Oxford, UK
1 Zena Kamash (Royal Holloway): Embracing customization in post-conflict reconstruction Digital Classicist seminar London
28 May-2 École D’été Édition Numérique et Humanités Numériques (EDEEN) Summer school Grenoble, France
4-5 Computational Methods in the Humanities 2018 (COMHUM 2018) Workshop Lausanne, Switzerland
5 Cosme2 (Consortium Sources Médiévales 2). Groupe de travail « Lemmes » – Atelier 2 Workshop Paris
6-8 DH Benelux 2018 Conference Amsterdam, NL M. Kestemont
7-8 R-CHIVE. Imaging a future for the past Conference Rochester, NY
8 Thibault Clérice (Sorbonne) e.a.: CapiTainS: challenges for the generalization and adoption of open source software Digital Classicist seminar London
15 Rune Rattenborg (Durham): Further and Further Into the Woods. Lessons from the Crossroads of Cuneiform Studies, Landscape Archaeology, and Spatial Humanities Research Digital Classicist seminar London
18-20 Sixth Annual Symposium on Medieval and Renaissance Studies Symposium Saint Louis, USA (MO) L. Fagin Davis
19 Corpus hagiographique bourguignon (Ve-XVe siècles). Atelier 2: Débats et recherches Workshop Paris
22 Joanna Ashe, Gabriel Bodard, Simona Stoyanova (ICS): Annotating the Wood Notebooks workshop Digital Classicist seminar London
26-29 Digital Humanities 2018 (DH2018) Conference Mexico City, Mexico A. Campagnolo, G. Franzini, M. Kestemont
29 Monica Berti, Franziska Naether (Leipzig) & Eleni Bozia (Florida): The Digital Rosetta Stone Project Digital Classicist seminar London

July 2018

Date Event Type Place URL DM attendance
2-5 International Medieval Congress Congress Leeds, UK L. Fagin Davis
6 Emma Bridges (ICS) and Claire Millington (KCL): The Women in Classics Wikipedia Group Digital Classicist seminar London
9-11 Applications of Natural Language Processing for Humanities Reserarch 5th DH@Madrid Summer School Madrid
13 Elizabeth Lewis (UCL), Katherine Shields (UCL) e.a.: Presentation and discussion of Sunoikisis Digital Classics student projects Digital Classicist seminar London
16-27 Digital Editions, Digital Corpora, and new Possibilities for the Humanities in the Academy and Beyond NEH Institute Tufts University, Medford (MA)
17-27 The European Summer University in Digital Humanities Summer School Leipzig, Germany  (G. Franzini)
20 Anshuman Pandey (Michigan): Tensions of Standardization and Variation in the Encoding of Ancient Scripts in Unicode Digital Classicist seminar London
27 Patrick J. Burns (NYU): Backoff Lemmatization for Ancient Greek with the Classical Language Toolkit Digital Classicist seminar London
30-Aug. 3 FSCI 2018 (FORCE11 Scholarly Communications Institute) Summer School San Diego, La Jolla (CA)

August 2018

Date Event Type Place URL DM attendance

September 2018

Date Event Type Place URL DM attendance
2-5 Past and Future Medieval Studies Today 6th European Congress of FIDEM Basel, Switzerland
3-7 DH Summer School: Processing and Analysing Images Summer school Antwerp, Belgium–/ M. Kestemont
3-7 Deep Learning and Visual Data Analysis Summer school Vienna, Austria
10-11 Paper-stuff: Materiality, Technology and Invention Conference Cambridge, UK
10-14 The Library: Spaces of Thought and Knowledge Systems Conference Cologne, Germany
10-14 Summer School in Digital Archaeology Summer School Barcelona, Spain
14-18 Textual Heritage and Information Technologies – El’Manuscript 2018 Conference Vienna and Krems, Austria
17-18 The Medieval Literary Canon in the Digital Age Conference Ghent, Belgium M. Kestemont, E. De Paermentier, P. Robinson
16-23 Cities, Cultural Heritage, and Digital Humanities Summer school Turin, Italy
23-26 21st ICARus-meeting Event Naples, Italy G. Vogeler
27-28 Building sustainable digital pedagogy Conference Cambridge

October 2018

Date Event Type Place URL DM attendance
23 Heldig Digital Humanities Summit 2018 Conference Helsinki

November 2018

Date Event Type Place URL DM attendance
7-8 UCLA Workshop on DH infrastructure and cultural heritage modelling Workshop Helsinki
7-9 Digital Humanities: The Culture of Data International Conference Rosario, Argentina
15-17 Manuscript Studies in the Digital Age: Illuminations: Manuscript, Medium, Message 11th Annual Lawrence J. Schoenberg Symposium Philadelphia L. Ransom

December 2018

Date Event Type Place URL DM attendance
6-7 The Connected Past Oxford 2018. An international conference on spatiotemporal archaeological and historical network research Conference Oxford (UK) Mike Kestemont
7-9 EADH Congress – ‘Data in Digital Humanities’ Congress Galway, Ireland
11-12 ‘Does intellectual history need Digital Humanities?’ #IHD­H2018 2nd Com­pu­ta­tional Ap­proaches to In­tel­lec­tual His­tory and the His­tory of Philo­sophy Symposium Helsinki
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