MUFI (Medieval Unicode Font Initiative)

The Medieval Unicode Font Initiative is a non-profit workgroup of scholars who would like to see a common solution to a problem felt by many medieval scholars: the encoding and display of special characters in Medieval texts written in the Latin alphabet.
MUFI was founded in July 2001 by Alec McAllister (Leeds), Odd Einar Haugen (Bergen) and Tarrin Wills (Sydney) with the aim of coordinating work on this field. We invite colleagues to comment on this question, supply links and ideas etc.
MUFI also invite scholars to join the workgroup on a more permanent basis. Depending on the response we will establish more formal structures for the group. The members of the workgroup communicates primarily by e-mail, but have occasionally met in Leeds (July 2002 and 2003). The first MUFI group meeting was held in Bergen (30-31 August 2003) and the second in Lisboa, (10-12 March 2005).