Board Roles

Digital Medievalist has a working Board, meaning that members are expected to contribute actively to the day-to-day running of DM and its infrastructure. This is in part through active participation in regular (usually monthly) Board meetings, but also through a number of roles that require small but continual contributions throughout the year. The key posts are summarised below:

Responsible for guiding overall direction and strategic vision, in close collaboration with the rest of the Board. In practice the Director does most of the administrative work such as arranging Board meetings, setting the agenda, keeping minutes, and so on.

Deputy Director
Assists the Director particularly in the more administrative roles but also should have some strategic vision. Deputises for the Director as necessary, e.g. arranging and running Board meetings if the Director is unavailable.

Journal Editor-In-Chief
Responsible for running the journal, including overall strategy, driving the acquisition of new articles, and ensuring that the journal runs smoothly. Normally assisted by at least two Associate Editors.

Journal Associate Editors
Responsible for helping the Editor-In-Chief, particularly by taking responsibility for particular articles, ensuring their timely review, assessing their suitability for publication and other editorial decisions.

Conference Committee 
The primary role of the conference committee is to identify conference opportunities that promote the activity and work of the Digital Medievalist community. The conference committee encompasses two areas of action: first, to create at least one DM-sponsored online event per year, and second, to ensure an active DM presence at appropriate conferences, by organizing sessions, panels, or other interventions. The committee will meet twice a year to develop the annual conference strategy and assign roles for conference committee members, who will act as points of contact for each effort. The committee will seek opportunities that will encourage the involvement of the global DM community.

News Feed Admin
Responsible for the regular moderation of the News Feed. That is, checking for any posts to the news feed, and approving or rejecting them as appropriate.

DM-L Admin
As for News Feed. The list is unmoderated, but new members need to be approved, and occasionally e-mails must be approved if they have certain spam-like characteristics.

Facebook Admin
Responsible for approving new member requests, ensuring contributions are reasonable and promoting the group’s use.

Website Admin
Responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the website, including emptying out any spam and keeping static information up-to-date.

Postgraduate Committee Liaison
Responsible for guiding the sub-committee long-term plans and activities and in keeping a direct communication channel between the two boards.

Election Committee
Responsible for Board elections as well as other events that requires voting by DM members. See Election Procedures for more details.

The current holders of these posts are the following:

Role Current Holder (2021-2022)
Director Lynn Ransom
Deputy Directors Claudia Sojer
Journal Editor-in-Chief Franz Fischer (not part of the DM Board)
Journal Associate Editors

Lisa Fagin Davis, Gustavo Riva, N. Kıvılcım Yavuz, James Harr, joining Greta Franzini, Mike Kestemont, Daniel O’Donnell, Peter Robinson

Conference Committee Lisa Fagin Davis, Rose Faunce, Laura Morreale, N. Kıvılcım Yavuz
Social Media Subcommittee Tobias Hodel
DM-L Administrator Gustavo Riva
Website Administrators Tobias Hodel, Rose Faunce
Postgraduate Committee Liaison Luise Borek
Election Committee Claudia Sojer, N. Kıvılcım Yavuz