Digital Medievalist Executive Board Elections 2018 – Tally

Election can be accessed on (accessible to the voters):


Question #1
Who would you like to elect as members of the Executive Board of Digital Medievalist? (choose up to 5 candidates)

ALBERTO CAMPAGNOLO, Library of Congress –Standing for re-election– 61
JEAN-BAPTISTE CAMPS, PSL Research University 31
ROBERTO DEL MONTE, NUME International Research Group 12
FRANZ FISCHER, University of Cologne –Standing for re-election– 65
MIKE KESTEMONT, University of Antwerp –Standing for re-election– 50
LYNN RANSOM, University of Pennsylvania Libraries –Standing for re-election– 69
ERIN SEBO, Flinders University 30
ENGIN CIHAD TEKEN, Hacettepe University Technopolis 24
GEORG VOGELER, University of Graz –Standing for re-election– 52
HEATHER WACHA, University of Wisconsin, Madison 38


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