I started my training in digital medieval scholarship with an MA in `Digital Technologies applied to History’ at the École des chartes in 2006-2008, with a thesis on the quantitative study of Troubadour Manuscripts. After working as a library curator, I did my PhD (Univ. Paris-Sorbonne) on the edition of the `Chanson d’Otinel’, with the aim to develop models to closely integrate ecdotics with digital methods (modelling, statistics, algorithmics and artificial intelligence), both for data production and analysis.
I have been the course leader of the Master’s degree `Digital Technologies applied to History’ (2013-2017), and now supervise the new ‘Digital Humanities and Research’ (PSL Research University) Master’s programme. I teach Digital Scholarly Editing, XSLT and Quantitative Philology. My main research interests are in digital philology, text and data mining (stylometry, stemmatology, quantitative palaeography and codicology) and ecdotics for Old French and Old Occitan texts and manuscripts.

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