Clustering of medieval scripts through computer image analysis: Towards an evaluation protocol

Dear digital medievalists,

I am happy to announce the publication of a new article in Digital Medievalist, “Clustering of medieval scripts through computer image analysis: Towards an evaluation protocol” by Dominique Stutzmann.

Here the abstract:

This paper addresses the question of objective categories of medieval scripts and their elaboration through both medieval palaeography and image analysis. It introduces a dataset of 9800 images and metadata from the catalogues of dated manuscripts in France, as a ground truth and evaluation protocol, to be used for image feature analysis, taxonomy building, and clustering methods. It further compares the results of the categorization performed by two teams, one in Lyon (LIRIS/INSA, Frank Lebourgeois) and the other in Tel-Aviv (The Blavatnik School of Computer Science at Tel Aviv University, Lior Wolf). It also addresses the questions of taxonomy, interpretation and goals of the interdisciplinary research, such as development of expert systems or exploratory research.

You can access the full article here. It is the last full article of the current volume #10. But before closing, a review on the visualization tool CatView will follow soon. Watch this space!

And enjoy reading:

Kind regards,
Franz Fischer
Editor-In-Chief, Digital Medievalist Journal

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