Call for Nominations to DM Board 2014–16

Digital Medievalist will be holding elections at the end of June 2014 for four positions to its Executive Board. Board positions are for two year terms and incumbents may be re-elected (for a maximum of three terms in a row). Members of the Board are responsible for the overall direction of the organisation and leading the Digital Medievalist’s many projects and programmes. This is a working board, and so it would be expected that you are willing and able to commit time to helping Digital Medievalist undertake some of its activities: the Board is currently organised with a Director, a Deputy Director, a Journal Editor-in-Chief, Journal Associate Editors, Conference Reprensentatives, Website and News Feed Admins DM-L Admins, Facebook Admin, Infrastructure/Technical Support, Returning Officers for Elections

For further information about the Executive and Digital Medievalist more generally pleasesee the DM website, particularly:

We are now seeking nominations (including self-nominations) for the annual elections. In order to be eligible for election, candidates must be members of Digital Medievalist (membership is conferred simply by subscription to the organisation’s mailing list, dm-l) and have made some demonstrable contribution either to the DM project (e.g. to the mailing list, or the wiki, etc.), or generally to the field of digital medieval studies.

If you are interested in running for these positions or are able to recommend a suitable candidate, please contact the returning officers, Ben Albritton ( and Dominique Stutzmann (, who will treat your nomination or enquiries in confidence. The nomination period will close at 2359 UTC on Mon June 30 and elections will be held by electronic ballot through the whole of the week starting  7 July, 2014.

Best wishes,
Ben Albritton and Dominique Stutzmann

One thought on “Call for Nominations to DM Board 2014–16

  1. I’ve had some enquiries about who’s up for election. The full list of Board members and term dates is at About > Executive Board, but to clarify, people up for re-election (and who therefore should be nominated if you want them to continue) are:

    • Orietta Da Rold
    • Takako Kato
    • Alexei Lavrentiev
    • Timoty Leonardi

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