Digital Classicist seminar

This week’s Digital Classicist & Institute of Classical Studies seminar.

Tom Cheesman (Swansea)
‘Putting Translations To Work: TransVis’

Friday June 21 at 16:30
Room G37, Senate House, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HU

This paper will discuss a proposed digital platform for exploring differences among translations, including proof-of-concept work on 37 German versions of Othello dating from 1766 to 2010: translations, adaptations, rewritings; reading editions, theatre scripts, student cribs. We shall next collect up to 180 versions of Hamlet and The Merchant of Venice in 12 languages, and develop a suite of analytic tools for explorative and educational uses. We shall also explore other sets of translations, including English and Czech versions of Euripides’ Medea. Alternative versions are not only of interest for studies of a work’s reception, of target cultures, and of translation or versioning processes; translations can also be mined to tell us things we did not know about the translated works themselves.

The seminar will be followed by wine and refreshments.

All are welcome

The full 2013 programme and abstract is at

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