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The Hildemar Project is a collaborative translation project of Hildemar of Corbie’s Expositio in Regulam Sancti Benedicti, a 650 pages long sentence-by-sentence commentary to the Rule of Benedict.

The website presents the Latin text in the edition of Ruppert Mittermüller (Regensburg 1880) along with an English translation. The task of translating this work is shared by a group of about 50 classicists and medieval scholars. List of contributors.

The text will contain hyperlinks to other versions of the commentary and to digized manuscripts. The page contains a bibliography on Hildemar of Corbie and a discussion forum. The purpose of this project is to make Hildemar’s Commenatary, a key text for the history of monasticism, accessible to scholars and students. The presentation will facilitate students with very little knowledge of Latin to work with the original text and to do manuscript studies.



  • Languages: Latin, English
  • Countries: Germany, Italy
  • Dates: 9th century
  • Names: Hildemar of Corbie, Ps.-Basil, Ps.-Paul the Deacon
  • Disciplines (history, linguistics, literature, paleography…): Medieval History, Monastic Stduies, Manuscript Studies

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