Interdisciplinary Workshop “Scholarly Editions in the Digital Age: Text and Music”

31 August – 1 September

Digital editions have already begun to drastically change the work of scholars, but many questions of method, technology, academic recognition, remain open. This workshop will draw together scholars from a variety of fields to present and discuss their diverse experiences in digital scholarly publication, and aims to answer such questions as the following: what are the advantages of a digital edition, compared with a traditional one? How difficult is to create a digital edition today, and what type of collaboration between different scholars does it entail? Are the standard techniques used by scholars sufficient/suitable for all purposes? How are different fields (Literature, History, Music, etc.) benefiting or not benefiting from the possibilities of this new medium? Finally: are electronic editions advanced enough, and well-regarded enough by scholars and institutions to suggest that the age of printed editions is coming to an end?

The workshop, organized jointly by the Center for the History of Music Theory and Literature (CHMTL) and the Medieval Studies Institute (MEST) of Indiana University will have a special, albeit not exclusive, focus on medieval and Early modern themes and materials. During the workshop new initiatives of the CHMTL will be presented, stemming from one of the oldest projects of the center, the Thesaurus Musicarum Latinarum.

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