Call for Papers: Cultural, Textual, and Material Heritage in the Digital Age: Projects and Practices

The twentieth International Medieval Congress, Leeds, 1-4 July 2013

The rise of the Digital Humanities as an international, cross-disciplinary approach to humanistic scholarship presents exciting new challenges and opportunities.

Perhaps one of the most exciting of these is the convergence of interest among textual editors, art historians, archaeologists, museum and library curatorial staff, government agencies, and commercial entities in what can be broadly described as issues in the representation and research of Cultural, Textual, and Material Heritage.

This call is for papers addressing current and future practices and opportunities in this area. What are the interesting projects? What are the interesting technologies, methodologies, and business models? How will this convergence play out in the short and medium term?

Our hope is that there will be enough interest in this topic to allow for a combination of long-paper sessions and a concluding round table. Potential speakers are invited to submit a brief abstract outlining their approach to these questions and whether they would be interested in participating in a long-paper session and/or a short-presentation round table.

Authors accepted into these sessions will be invited to submit their papers to an edited collection of papers we are putting together based on submissions at Leeds and the New Digital Paradigms in Anglo-Saxon studies panel we are proposing for ISAS 2013 in Dublin.

To propose a paper or participation in these session(s) or the round table, please contact Daniel O’Donnell ( Paper proposals should include a short abstract (approx 500 words); expressions of interest in the round table, should be accompanied by a brief description of your interest and experience with the topic.

Submission due date: Midnight Sunday September 16, 2012.

The session(s) are being sponsored by the Visionary Cross Project, an innovative collection of 2 and 3D texts and objects concerned with the Visionary Cross cultural matrix in Anglo-Saxon England.


Posted by: Roberto Rosselli Del Turco (roberto rossellidelturco at gmail com)

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