Telma (Traitement ELectronique des Manuscrits et des Archives)

The platform Telma (Traitement ELectronique des Manuscrits et des Archives) (Electronic Processing of Manuscripts and Archives) is available at [1] and gives access to several publications and text corpora, with cross-corpus research as well as specific interfaces.

Medieval texts and charters

  • Actes royaux: ongoing edition of royal charters given by Philipp III (1270-1285) and Philippe IV (1285-1314) of France
  • Cartulaire de Nesle : edition (text + digital images) of the lay cartulary of Nesle (France, Côte-d’Or, arr. Montbard, cant. Laigne), preserved in the Condé Museum (Chantilly, Musée Condé, série GB, XIV F 22). Written between 1269 and 1282 for Jean, lord of Nesle, in Burgundy, this cartulary contains 82 charters.
  • Chartes originales antérieures à 1121 conservées en France’: new edition of all ca. 5000 original charters preserved in France issued before 1121 (i.e. from 304 A.D. to 1121). Digital images will be added in 2012.
  • Enquêtes menées sous les derniers Capétiens: edition of around 150 administrative inquiries done upon the order of Philipp III (1270-1285) and Philippe IV (1285-1314) of France
  • RELMIN Le statut légal des minorités religieuses dans l’espace euro-méditerranéen: textual database of all legislative texts concerning religious minorities in Christian and Islamic societies in the Middle Age
  • Ordonnances de l’Hôtel


  • CartulR – Répertoire des cartulaires médievaux et modernes: repertory of 8500 medieval and modern cartularies, of more than ### institutions
  • Catalogue de manuscrits liturgiques médievaux et modernes: catalogue of liturgical manuscripts
  • Luxury Bound: catalogue of ca. 3700 illuminated medieval manuscripts from the Lower Countries