TEI Boilerplate 1.0

TEI Boilerplate 1.0

I am pleased to announce the release of TEI Boilerplate 1.0, a lightweight solution for publishing styled TEI P5 content directly in modern web browsers.

The typical method for publishing TEI on the web involves an often complex XSLT transformation from TEI to HTML, which results in the loss of much of the semanticy richness of the original TEI document. TEI Boilerplate uses a relatively simple XSLT transformation to embed the entire TEI document inside an HTML5 shell, relying on CSS and JavaScript to format and process the TEI content. We hope that this lightweight approach will provide a simple solution for publishing TEI content on the web, and it may be particularly useful in teaching contexts and in systems like Omeka. We further hope that this approach will foster innovation in the delivery and analysis of TEI content by exposing that content directly to the capabilities of modern web technologies: HTML5, CSS 3, JavaScript and the many popular JavaScript frameworks, such as JQuery and EXT JS.

For more details, a demo file, download links, etc., please visit http://teiboilerplate.org/.

TEI Boilerplate is open source and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

TEI Boilerplate Team:

  • John Walsh, Indiana University
  • Grant Simpson, Indiana University
  • Saeed Moaddeli, Indiana University

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