TUSTEP (TUebingen System of TExt processing Programs)

TUSTEP is a professional toolbox for scholarly processing textual data (including those in non-latin scripts) with a strong focus on humanities applications.

Designed in cooperation with many humanities projects by the Division of Literary and Documentary Data Processing at the Computing Center of the University of Tübingen and first implemented more than 25 years ago, TUSTEP is constantly being improved and expanded in order to facilitate solutions for new problems and to take advantage of new hardware and operating systems. It contains modules for all stages of scholarly text data processing, starting from data capture and including information retrieval, text collation, text analysis, sorting and ordering, rule-based text manipulation, and output in electronic or conventional form (including typesetting in professional quality).
Beyond the University of Tübingen, TUSTEP is currently used in roughly 100 other universities and research institutions (a list is available on the web page of the International TUSTEP User Group ITUG)

Articles and tutorials

Modularity, Professionality, Integration: Design principles for TUSTEP

Text data processing with TUSTEP: overview, hints

Current Version


Home pages

German: http://www.uni-tuebingen.de/zdv/tustep/tustep.html

English: http://www.uni-tuebingen.de/zdv/tustep/tustep_eng.htm