Image Markup Tool

The Image Markup Tool is an open source software, allowing to annotate images, create TEI files and generate ready-to-publish XHTML files.


The software is fully TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) compliant – File format based on TEI P5 schema. – RelaxNG schema. – Basic export/re-import in DocBook format. – Loading and display of a wide variety of image formats. – Insertion of resizable, movable annotation areas on the image. – Association of a title and text (TEI XML code) with each annotation area. – Configurable categories for sorting annotations into groups. – Configurable colour for each category and configurable display shape for each category. – Display of a list of annotation areas by title, for ease of navigation. – Re-ordering of annotations and categories. – Display/editing of the teiHeader element. – Syntax highlighting for XML editing (in the Annotation Text and teiHeader editing boxes), using the UniSysEdit open-source control. – Switch from @facs to a combination of @facs (for transcriptional annotations) and @corresp (for non-transcriptional annotations) as the attribute used to link annotation divs to their corresponding zones on the image, in line with 2008 changes to TEI P5. etc.

Development and versions

The software is being developped by Martin Holmes and a team at the University of Victoria,

Version released in June 2012.


Marjorie Burghart (EHESS, France) has created some online self-correcting exercises designed to teach students how to read medieval scripts. In the process, she has also created a package of materials and instructions to help others to create similar materials.


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