eLaborate is a content management system (CMS) for collaborative work on digital editions of texts. Addtional to common web editing functionality found in content management systems in general, eLaborate offers specialized content objects to create transcriptions for uploaded facsimilé and annotations on the transcription text.

eLaborate let’s individual users or user groups create collaborative projects around digitized texts. To apply for a new project space please refer to joris_van_zundert@huygensinstituut_knaw_nl. (Note: for anti spam reasons you will need to replace all underscores (‘_’) in the emailaddress with ‘.’).

eLaborate is an initiative of the Huygens Institute for literary and intellectual history in the Low Countries and is funded by the Dutch Royal Academy for Arts and Sciences (KNAW).

eLaborate is created as a 100% on line application. This means that there’s no need for additional installs or off line components besides a common web browser (preferably Firefox 1.x, but Internet Explorer 5.0+ is also fully supported).

eLaborate may be used from it’s originating server at http://www.e-laborate.nl (mind the dash in the web address). Alternatively the eLaborate software and components may be installed on any server to function as a separately administered instance of the collaboratory.

eLaborate has been creating and will be further developed using only open source components. Currently eLaborate is a unix/Java/MySql/AJAX (Web 2.0) solution. Whenever possible and applicable we adhere to common open standards (XML, OAI etc.). eLaborate is build using an agile developement proces closely oriented towards eXtreme Programming.