Kalamazoo 2005

The following conference sessions, panels, and business meetings involving digital subjects were held at the 40th International Congress on Medieval Studies, which took place Thursday-Sunday, May 5–8, 2005 at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo Michigan.

The complete searchable PDF of the 2005 Kalamazoo conference is available here:


Friday, 6 May

10:00 am

Advanced Technology in Medieval Scholarship (U.Kentucky) (Session 263; Schneider 1265 [next door to Fetzer]) (Note change in time and place):

  • Updating Resources for Medievalists
Lynne Dahmen, Al Akhawayn Univ.
  • Representation, Interpretation, and Integration
Michael L. Norton, James Madison Univ.
  • Following the X Path to the Exemplars of Huntington MS Hm 114
Patricia R. Bart, Univ. of Virginia


Digital Medievalist Project Business meeting (DM). (Fetzer 1060) (All are welcome):

  • Future plans
  • Can we coordinate digital sessions better? Do we want to?

1:30 pm

Text and Image in Digital Scholarship I: Focus on Text (DM). (Session 268; Fetzer 1060):

  • Locating the Corff: Continuity and Change in Editing Medieval Welsh Prose
Diana Luft, Cardiff Univ., Wynn Thomas, Cardiff Univ., Mark Smith, Cardiff Univ., and Mick Vanrootseler, Cardiff Univ.
  • Making and Using Databases of the Middle English Manuscript Spelling in Textual Studies
Jacob Thaisen, De Montfort Univ.
  • Villani Online: A Digital Version of the Nuova cronica
Rala Diakite, Fitchburg State College, and Matthew Sneider, Univ. of Massachusetts–Dartmouth

3:30 pm

Text and Image in Digital Scholarship II: Focus on the Image (DM). (Session 330; Fetzer 1055):

Dorothy Carr Porter, Univ. of Kentucky
  • Text and Image in the Digital Edition: What’s the Connection?
Murray McGillivray
  • Digitally Imaging the Rood: Prayers and Pitfalls in the Development of a Prototype ::Electronic Ruthwell Cross
  • Christopher Fee, Gettyburg College, and James Ruthkowski, Gettysburg College

Saturday, 7 May

10:00 am

Technology and Early Drama: Teaching and Research Tools and tactics (MRDS). (Session 400; Fetzer 2030):

  • Student-Centered Technology and the Learning Process
Carolyn Coulson-Grigsby, Centenary College
  • “Take Heed, How Your Clerk Shent His Book”: E-Texts and the Classroom
Gerard NeCastro, Univ. of Maine–Machias
  • ReREEDing Records: New Technology for Old Problems
James C. Cummings, Oxford Text Archive, Univ. of Oxford

3:30 pm

Making the Old New Again: Digital Medievalism in an Ever-Changing World (OTA). (Session 515; Fetezer 2030):

  • Classifying the Graphetic Variants of the Cely Letters
Osamu Ohara, Jikei Univ.
  • a.medievalist@InterPARES
Bonnie Mak, Univ. of British Columbia
  • Fluid, Co-Operative, and Distributed Electronic Editions
Peter M. W. Robinson, De Montfort Univ.

8:00 pm

Societas Fontibus Historiae Medii Aevi Inveniendis, vulgo dicta “The Pseudo Society (Fetzer 1005):

  • Using Electronic Media to Improve Efficiency and Intelligibility in Teaching and Researching the Middle Ages
Daniel Paul O’Donnell, University of Lethbridge