TEI Conference and Members’ Meeting – Call for workshops and tutorials

Call for pre-conference workshop and tutorial proposals

TEI and the C(r|l)o(w|u)d
2012 Annual Conference and Members’ Meeting of the TEI Consortium Texas A&M University, Initiative for Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture

* Workshop proposals due Wed 15 May 2012
* Meeting dates: Wed 7 November to Sat 10 November, 2012
* Workshop dates: Mon 5 November to Wed 7 November, 2012 (see separate call)

The TEI Conference and Members’ Meeting will be preceded by educational tutorials or workshops. The goal of the tutorials is to give an opportunity to learn more about the use of TEI markup under the guidance of experienced instructors and practitioners, whereas workshops are an opportunity for specific groups to meet and work together on a TEI related subject.
Workshops and tutorials range in length from a single morning or afternoon to a maximum of two days. Tutorials are run on a cost-recovery basis: a separate fee is charged of participants that is intended to cover the costs of running the tutorial. Workshops are expected to be free of charges.

If you are interested in proposing either a workshop or a tutorial for the 2012 Members’ Meeting and Conference, please submit your proposal as early as possible and before 15 May 2012 via conftool, the availability of which will be announced shortly. Expressions of interest should include as much as possible of the following information (the committee is willing to work with proposers in developing their proposals): * A proposed topic
* A rationale explaining why this topic is likely to draw sufficient attention to the TEI community * Preferred length of the event
* Infrastructural requirements
* (In the case of a tutorial) A proposed instructor or slate of instructors including brief
discussion of relevant experience, as well as a preliminary budget of your anticipated costs (if any).
* (In the case of a workshop) A core list of people who are likely to participate, keeping in mind that workshops are by essence open for participation
Organisational and infrastructure costs (e.g. coffee breaks and the like) will be determined later in conjunction with the local organising committee.

Tutorial proposals will be evaluated by the programme committee primarily on the basis of their likely appeal to the TEI community, the quality of the proposed instructors and method of instruction, and cost. The committee will work with selected organizers after this date to refine the details of their proposals.

Please send queries to meeting@tei-c.org.

For the International Programme Committee,

Elena Pierazzo (chair)

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