The kundige bok digital edition, together with its critical and methodological introduction. Kundige bok is a 15th century manuscript dealing with regula-tions for everyday life (“Burspraken”) in the North German town Göttingen. The statutes (the text) were revised almost annually, producing a large number of deletions, additions, transpositions and comments. The exact analysis of these text layers can produce new knowledge about historical and linguistic aspects of late medieval Göttingen and about legal history in general. Textual basis for such research would be a scholarly edition of the codex. However, creating such an edition without any loss of information turned out to be impossible by conventional means. Due to the nature of this material, all text layers have to be regarded and represented equally which conflicts with the restriction of print-based publication. The idea of the project is therefore to fully exploit the features of information technology in order to interact with the user and create a dynamic output to visualise the evolution of text and law (its written and oral form).

Malte Rehbein