DocExplore is an EU INTERREG IVa project investigating the computer-based access and analysis of historical manuscripts. The project commenced on the 1st April 2009.

The aims of the project can be summarised as empowering citizens on both sides of the Channel to engage with, explore and study their cultural heritage, as embodied in written and printed documents, in meaningful, informative, accessible and entertaining ways, through the provision of transparent computer-based interactive tools. We therefore envisage developing a generic document analysis framework which provides a basic operational infrastructure and interactive toolkit.

The framework for exploring historical documents will address three strata of usage:

  • Observation tasks (e.g. in interacting with exhibits)
  • Informal information assembly, manipulation and coordination (e.g. searching documents, comparing texts, etc)
  • High-level formal textual research (automated reading tools, advanced annotations, etc)



  • Disciplines: Computer Sciences, Digital editions



  • LITIS, Université de Rouen
  • EDA, University of Kent
  • Rouen Nouvelles Bibliothèques
  • Canterbury Cathedral Archives
  • GRHIS, Université de Rouen
  • CMEMS, University of Kent