Poster Session at Kalamazoo – open call for participation

The Digital Medievalist Community of Practice and the Medieval Academy’s Digital Initiatives Advisory Board are organising a poster session for speakers on digital topics in medieval studies this year at the International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, May 12-15. The Poster session will be held on Friday, May 13, at 7:00 pm.

Wait – what’s a poster session?

The way a poster session works is that all participants have space to set up a poster (and / or a computer if the presentation involves a software demonstration of some sort, and maybe a handout), and people who attend the session are free to walk through and see the posters, and talk to the presenters. There isn’t really a formal presentation, nor a time constraint. In the past when I’ve presented posters I’ve found it very helpful to have a couple of minutes of patter – almost an elevator pitch, just enough to give people an idea of what I’m working on. Some people pass right by; others might spend more time and ask a lot of questions, it just depends. It’s quite a different experience from giving a traditional presentation, much more informal and more personal as well.

OK – Thanks! On with the call.

This is a meta-session intended for speakers *who have already had a paper accepted at another session at the congress*. Its purpose is to allow for followup, the presentation of additional details or demonstrations, and also simply as a way of letting people catch up on papers they might have missed because of scheduling conflicts. An informal session at the 2009 Congress was extremely well attended, with lots of discussion, questions, and posters.

Posters are welcome on any aspect of the use of digital media, tools, techniques, and principles in medieval studies. The only restriction is that they must be associated with a paper already accepted for presentation at the 2011 Congress. Acceptable posters might share exactly the same focus and the presented paper, or they might focus on the presentation, demonstration, or elaboration of aspects from the presentation that are better suited to the poster format.

If you are interested in presenting a poster, please contact the session organisers, Dot Porter (, Jim Ginther (, or Dan O’Donnell ( for further information or inquiries.

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