From Ancient manuscripts to the digital era. Readings and Literacies, 23-25 August 2011

« Des manuscrits antiques à l’ère digitale. Lectures et littératies »
(Lausanne – CH, 23-25 août 2011)
From Ancient manuscripts to the digital era. Readings and Literacies,
Lausanne – CH, 23-25 August 2011

With the support of :
• Institut Romand des Sciences Bibliques (IRSB, FTSR, Unil)
• Fonds National Suisse (FNS)
• Anthropos (Unil)
• Formation doctorale interdisciplinaire (FDi, Unil)
• CUSO Théologie
• Association pour l’histoire du livre et de la lecture en Suisse Romande

Claire Clivaz (IRSB, FTSR),
Jérôme Meizoz (FDi, Arts and Humanities)
François Vallotton (SHC, Arts and Humanities)

This conference in Arts and Humanities seeks to demonstrate the major impact of the Digital Era on knowledge, by studying the history of cultural technologies. The present evolution of the ancient manuscript allows one to detect this turning-point, notably with the digital editions of Homer and the New Testament. The notions of authorship and critical edition are questionned : modern history and contemporary analysis have to be enrooted in ancient memory to reflect upon the digital turn. Details on :

Conferences : Giovanni Bazzana (Harvard, USA), David Bouvier
(Unil , CH), François Bovon (Harvard, USA), Claire Clivaz (Unil ,
CH), Michel Fuchs (Unil , CH), Christian Grosse (Unil , CH),
Kim Haines-Eitzen (Cornell, USA), Philippe Kaennel (Unil , CH),
Frédéric Kaplan (EPFL, CH), Thomas Kraus (independant researcher),
Rudolf Mahrer (Unil , CH), Leonard Muellner (Brandeis
University, USA), David Parker (Birmingham, UK), Holt Parker
(Cincinnati, USA), Lukas Rosenthaler (Basel, CH), Ulrich Schmid
(Münster, DE), Paul Schubert (Unige, CH), François Vallotton
(Unil , CH), Christian Vandendorpe (Ottawa, CA),
Joseph Verheyden (Leuven, BE).

Call for papers for scholars and PhD students in Sciences of Antiquity, New Testament and Early Christianity, Biblical Sciences, Modern History, French and English Literature.
Deadline : 30th April 2011.

The colloquium will be concluded by a public evening, on august 25th with posters, editors’ booth, artistic animations and a round table discussion, bringing together publishers and scholars and led by a journalist from Radio-télévision Suisse : “What Will Come After the Book ?”

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