Call for Papers – Osaka Symposium on Digital Humanities 2011

Call for Papers

Osaka Symposium on Digital Humanities 2011
The Inaugural Symposium of Japanese Association for Digital Humanities

28-9 March 2011

Hosted by the Graduate School of Language and Culture, University of Osaka

Co-Sponsored by:
Japanese Association for Digital Humanities
International Institute for Digital Humanities
Center for Evolving Humanities, University of Tokyo Center for Informatics in East Asian Studies, Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University
Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing
British Academy/Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences

Submission deadline: 7 February 2010 (Midnight JST).

Presentations include:

Papers (abstract max of 300 words) or
Multiple paper sessions, including panels (overview max of 300 words)

Call for Papers Announcement

I. General Information

The OSDH2011 Programme Committee invites submissions of abstracts of no less than 300 words on any aspect of digital humanities, from information technology to problems in humanities research and teaching. We welcome submissions particularly relating to
interdisciplinary work and on new developments in the field. The symposium web site is in development at The Programme Committee
aims for a varied programme.

Proposals might, for example, relate to the following aspects of digital humanities:

� research issues, including data mining, information design and modelling, software studies, and humanities research enabled through the digital medium;

� computer-based research and computer applications in literary, linguistic, cultural and historical studies, including electronic literature, public humanities, and interdisciplinary aspects of modern scholarship. Some examples might be text analysis, corpora, corpus linguistics, language processing, language learning;

� the digital arts, architecture, music, film, theatre, new media, and related areas;

� the creation and curation of humanities digital resources;

� the role of digital humanities in academic curricula;

Abstracts should be sent to The deadline for submitting abstracts to the Programme Committee is 7 February 2011. Presenters will be notified of acceptance on 14 February 2011.

II. Types of Proposals

Proposals to the Programme Committee may be either: (1) paper presentations or (2) multi-paper sessions (either three-paper or panel sessions). Papers/sessions should be given in English.

1) Paper presentations: Individual papers will be allocated twenty (20) minutes for presentation and ten (10) minutes for questions.

2) Multiple Paper Sessions (90 minutes): The session/panel organizer should submit an abstract of 300 words describing the session/panel topic, how it will be organized, the names of all the speakers, and an indication that each speaker is willing to participate in the session.

III. Programme Committee

Hiroyuki Akama (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Gerhard Brey (CCH, King’s College London)
Maki Miyake (GSLC, Osaka)
A. Charles Muller (Tokyo)
Kiyonori Nagasaki (Institute for Digital Humanities)
Lisa Lena Opas-H�nninen (Oulu, Finland)
Espen S. Ore (Oslo, Norway)
Masahiro Shimoda (Tokyo)
Tomoji Tabata (GSLC, Osaka)
Christian Wittern (Kyoto)

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