Survey request

Librarians at Western Michigan University are developing a Dublin Core application profile which will provide a simple template for describing pre-modern manuscripts. This simple profile uses Dublin Core, which works with a variety of software systems (for example, CONTENTdm), and the profile was developed to allow the creation of standardized, shareable metadata and Web-accessible digital images. The perceived audience for this project includes librarians who are not specialists of pre-modern materials, small institutions and medieval scholars without metadata experience. We invite your participation in a survey of the current version of this profile at .

This profile was developed to fill a need tied to our participation in the International Congress on Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo, Michigan, which brings over 3,000 medieval scholars to Western Michigan University annually. WMU Libraries and its digitization program have participated in workshops for the Congress which highlighted the problems of small institutions (holding only one or two items) and individual scholars who wish to provide metadata for digitized manuscripts, but do not have the right combination of technical and subject skills.

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