CFP II Gower Congress – July 2011

John Gower in Iberia: Six Hundred Years-2nd International Congress of the John Gower Society-Valladolid, Spain, 18-21 July 2011

The John Gower Society is holding its second International Congress at the University of Valladolid, Spain, in July 2011.

Spain has been chosen as a site for this Congress in recognition of Gower’s unique transnational presence, as Confessio Amantis was the first English work ever translated into Continental languages -first Portuguese, and then Castilian, both in the fifteenth century. The II International Congress of the John Gower Society has therefore a double purpose, the study of John Gower in his historical, political, social, cultural and literary context, and the promotion of a more in-depth knowledge of the Spanish and Portuguese translations of Confessio Amantis as well as the Anglo-Spanish historical, political and cultural relations in the Late Middle Ages.

Brief proposals (250 words max.) are invited for 20-minute papers addressing any aspect of Gowerian studies. Email the submission form you’ll find at the JGS website ( BOTH to the Organizing Committee ( and to RF Yeager (

Topics include -but are not limited to- the following areas:
Biographical aspects
French works
Latin works
English works
Antiquity and classics
French influence and contemporary French authors
Linguistics, literary language and dialects
Influence in later authors
Influence in Iberian authors
English politics and usurpation
Iberian (historical) context
Literary theory and critical approaches
Women and gender
Cinema and theatre
Philosophy and theology
Gower and the Mediterranean
Gower and the Other
Gower and the material

Participants may also propose thematic panels, to include papers delivered by 3 or 4 participants. Please contact directly RF Yeager (

The abstracts will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee, and the authors will be notified the results of the selection process.

Submission deadline: Dec 1st 2010
Confirmation of acceptance: Jan 15th 2011
Registration period: April-June 2011

The following plenary speakers have already confirmed their attendance:
– Winthrop Wetherbee (Cornell University)
– Alastair Minnis (Yale University)
– M. Luisa López-Vidriero Abello (Biblioteca Real, Madrid)
– Fernando Galvan Reula (Universidad of Alcala de Henares)

For further information, visit the John Gower Society website: The organising committee – II International Congress of the John Gower Society Dept. Filologia Inglesa – Universidad de Valladolid
Pza. del Campus s/n – 47011 Valladolid (Spain)

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