Version 1.0 of the Eadui font released under the Open Font License

Many thanks to those who tested my Eadui font, which tries to faithfully reproduce the English Caroline Minuscule hand of the eleventh-century Canterbury scribe Eadui Basan. I’ve released version 1.0 under the Open Font License on the Open Font Library website:

Happy summer to all,
Peter Baker

[From the accompanying document (Eadui.pdf):]

EADUI THE FONT IS NAMED FOR A SCRIBE WHO worked at Christ Church, Canterbury, in the first half of the eleventh century and signed himself “Eaduuius cognomento Basan.” This Eadui Basan was a leading practitioner of the scribal hand known to paleographers as style IV English caroline minuscule. Like caroline minuscules generally, this one is notable for its legibility; and Eadui’s work, at its best, possesses a formal beauty that is matched by few scribes of his time.

This font, based on Eadui’s hand, uses OpenType features to emulate the characteristics of written script: numerous ligatures and contextual variants give the script the slightly irregular look of a handmade thing. Eadui works best with applications that make available the OpenType features of fonts. These include Adobe InDesign and XeTeX; many features of Eadui are also accessible in Mellel and iWorks, fewer in word processors like Microsoft Word and

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