Balisage 2010 Program Announced

Rockville, Maryland.  The organizing committee has released the program for “Balisage 2010: The Markup Conference” to be held in Montreal from 3 to 6 August, 2010.

“Balisage: The Markup Conference” ( is an annual peer-reviewed XML conference: how to create markup; what it means; hierarchies and overlap; modeling; taxonomies; transformation; query, searching, and retrieval; presentation and accessibility; making systems that make markup dance (or dance faster to a different tune in a smaller space).

Come to lovely Montreal, Canada from August 3rd to 6th for four action-packed days of angle brackets! Here’s a baker dozen (or so) sampling from the much larger list of Balisage 2010 presentations:

  • gXML, a new approach to cultivating XML trees in Java
  • Java integration of XQuery – an information unit oriented approach
  • Reverse modeling for domain-driven engineering of publishing technology
  • Managing semantics in XML vocabularies
  • XML pipeline processing in the browser
  • Where XForms meets the glass: Bridging between data and interaction design
  • Schema component paths for schema analysis
  • A streaming XSLT processor
  • Multi-structured documents and the emergence of annotations vocabularies
  • Processing arbitrarily large XML using a persistent DOM
  • Automatic upconversion using XProc
  • Scripting documents with XQuery
  • XQuery design patterns
  • Parallel processing and your XML data

Schedule At-a-Glance:

Detailed schedule with descriptions:

Pre-conference symposium: XML for the Long Haul: Issues in the Long-term Preservation of XML

Tower of Modern Babel Contest – Chance to win an Apple 15″ (i5)
MacBook Pro, Apple MacBook Air, or USD $2000:

Posted by: Roberto Rosselli Del Turco (rosselli at ling dot unipi dot it)

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