InterFace 2010 Conference: Second Call for Papers

InterFace 2010: Humanities and Technologies
2nd International Symposium for Humanities and Technology
July 15th-16th 2010, International Digital Laboratory, University of Warwick, UK.
Paper Deadline: 10th May.  500-1000 word abstract.


InterFace is a new type of annual non-profit event. Based on the format of last year’s successful forum at the University of Southampton, this year follows in the same footsteps: part conference, part forum, part networking opportunity. The conference aims to bring PhD students, early postdocs and other early researchers together from the fields of Technologies and Humanities in order to foster cutting-edge collaboration. Delegates can also expect to receive illuminating talks from experts, presentations on successful interdisciplinary projects and on how to succeed as academics.

Abstract Submissions:
If you are interested in attending, please submit an original abstract of 500-1000 words, describing an idea or concept you wish to present. Following acceptance of your submission you will need to give a three-minute presentation of your paper at the conference. Papers should focus on potential, realistic areas for collaboration between the Technologies and Humanities sectors, either by addressing particular problems, new developments or both. As such, the scope is extremely broad but topics might include:

Agent Based Modelling, Computer Graphics & Visualization, Internet Technologies, Natural Language Processing, Online Collaboration, Pervasive Technologies, Sensor Networks, Semantic Web, Web Science

Applied Sociodynamics & Social Network Analysis, Archaeological Reconstruction, Dynamic Logics, Electronic Corpora, History & Art History, Information Ethics, Linguistics New Media, Spatial Cognition, Text Editing and Analysis, Teaching Methodologies

Due to the limited number of places, papers will be subject to review by committee and applicants notified by email as to their acceptance.

Important Dates:
* Paper Submission Deadline: 10th May 2010
* Acceptances Announced: 17th May 2010
* Conference: 15-16 July 2010

For full timetable and list of external speakers, visit:
For further information, please visit the conference website: or e-mail

Kind Regards,
InterFace 2010 Committee

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