Brown University Center for Digital Scholarship

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the Center for Digital Scholarship, a new digital center in the Brown University Library. The CDS is a focal point for digital humanities research and development at Brown, working in close partnership with individual researchers and academic centers across the campus and at other institutions. Among its activiites are outreach programs, internships, digitization and enhancement of significant library collections, lectures and events, project development and grant development.

Under the leadership of Patrick Yott, Director of Digital Technologies, the CDS brings together several groups, each with its own long history:

The Scholarly Technology Group
Founded in 1994, STG has been a center of activity in digital humanities scholarship, with a strong program of research and publication projects, events and grant development and support.

The Women Writers Project
First funded in 1988, the WWP is a research group with a dual focus on early women’s writing and the impact of digital textuality on humanities scholarship. The WWP publishes Women Writers Online and conducts grant-funded research on text encoding and digital scholarship; it also provides seminars, workshops, and documentation on using the TEI Guidelines.

The Center for Digital Initiatives
Founded in 2001, the CDI provides high-quality digitization, metadata development, repository services, and consultation on digital projects.

Please visit the CDS site at and in particular:

• Our database of CDS projects, projects

• Our research library of papers, reports, and documentation,

• Our listing of outreach programs,

On behalf the CDS,

Julia Flanders and Elli Mylonas
Center for Digital Scholarship
Brown University Library
Posted by: Roberto Rosselli Del Turco (rosselli at ling dot unipi dot it)

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