ESF EUROCORES LogICCC: Dialogical Aspects of Obligationes (Leeds,July 2010)

This is to inform you that the ESF EUROCORES programme ‘Modelling Intelligent Interaction – Logic in the Humanities, Social and Computational Sciences’ (LogICCC – is supporting the session ‘Dialogical Aspects of Obligationes’ organised by Sara Uckelman and Benedikt Löwe (University of Amsterdam) at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds in 2010 (

During this session, logicians and medievalists will be approaching the puzzling disputational framework of obligations by using contemporary research in dialogical logic and dialogue modelling.

To learn more about the use of modern logic for medievalists and about the general EUROCORES funding scheme of the ESF during the International Medieval Congress in Leeds, visit:

. Session 302, 12 July, 16:30-18:00, followed by a reception
. EUROCORES desk, 12-13 July, in the exhibition hall

This event (leaflet available at, as part of the ESF EUROCORES Programme LogICCC is supported by funds from AKA, DASTI, DFG, FCT, FWF, FNRS, GACR, ISF, MICINN, NWO, NZZ, TÜBITAK, VR.

Kind regards,
Arianna Ciula

Dr. Arianna Ciula
Science Officer

European Science Foundation
Humanities Unit
1 quai Lezay Marnésia
BP 90015
F-67080 Strasbourg

Tel: +33 (0) 388767104

Posted by: Roberto Rosselli Del Turco (rosselli at ling dot unipi dot it)

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