DM Facebook Group and Twitter Feed

Due to public demand (well, discussion on the mailing list) Digital Medievalist now has a Facebook group and a Twitter feed. We already had the Facebook group to be honest, but there is no harm in re-advertising it at the same time.

The Facebook group is at: and is available for all your digital medieval social networking needs.

The Twitter feed of our news articles is now available at: for those of you who like to consume tweets. Currently this is just fed from the RSS feed of our newsfeed, but who knows, maybe we’ll add something extra to it during conferences.

Neither of these, of course, are meant in any way to replace: the DM-L mailing list, the DM Website, the DM Open Access Journal, the DM Wiki, or the DM News Posting Form. They are just another form of outreach and dissemination for you, the DM community, to make what you will of them.

Socially networked and twitterly yours,

James Cummings
Director, Digital Medievalist

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