2007 TEI Meeting Proceedings published

Colleagues — we are delighted to announce that the proceedings of the
2007 TEI MM has been published by L&LC. It is a rich and varied
collection of articles that show the range and complexity of research in
the TEI community. The full volume is available at

The issue contains articles by keynote speakers Fotis Jannidis and
Melissa Terras (co-authored with Ron Van den Branden, and Edward
Vanhoutte). The full TOC is listed below:

Fotis Jannidis: TEI in a crystal ball

Andrea Zielinski, Wolfgang Pempe, Peter Gietz, Martin Haase, Stefan
Funk, and Christian Simon: TEI documents in the grid

Christian Wittern, Arianna Ciula, and Conal Tuohy: The making of TEI P5

Melissa Terras, Ron Van den Branden, and Edward Vanhoutte: Teaching
TEI: The Need for TEI by Example

James Cummings: Converting Saint Paul: A new TEI P5 edition of The
Conversion of Saint Paul using stand-off methodology

Malte Rehbein: Reconstructing the textual evolution of a medieval manuscript

Luigi Siciliano and Viviana Salardi: The digital edition of the Statuta
comunis Vicentie of 1264

Stephanie A. Schlitz and Garrick S. Bodine: The TEIViewer: Facilitating
the transition from XML to web display

Peter Boot: Towards a TEI-based encoding scheme for the annotation of
parallel texts

Andreas Witt, Georg Rehm, Erhard Hinrichs, Timm Lehmberg, and Jens
Stegmann: SusTEInability of linguistic resources through feature structures

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