The interest in the application of humanities computing to philological disciplines has raised a lively debate in the last years on the advantages and on the dissemination of the application of new technologies to textual criticism . The Centre for Computing in the Humanities of King’s College London and various institutions in Italy, among them the University of Siena-Arezzo and the Fondazione Ezio Franceschini in Florence, have been major participants on this debate, committing themselves to projects on digital philology specifically dedicated to medieval texts and documents. Therefore, the idea of organising a forum between medievalists to discuss the principles and purposes of the critical edition produced with the support of humanities computing tools, methods and aids.

The publication of the recent guidelines for editors of scholarly editions by Charles Faulhaber and the critical analysis of Patrick Sahle – pdf – and Peter Robinson on the flourishing and simultaneous crisis of critical digital editions could provide a concrete starting point for discussion of the relevant issues and perspectives.

The seminar is part of the academic programmes of the class of Computing for the study of the ancient and medieval world (Informatica per lo studio del mondo antico e medievale), of the PhD in Textual studies (Scienze del Testo) of the University of Sienna and of the Class on advanced philology of medieval Latin (Corso di Perfezionamento in Filologia Mediolatina) by SISMEL.

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Further details on the programme of the conference and on already available material can be found on the conference website at http://www.unisi.it/tdtc/digimed/